Pink Lemonade nail art - Lazy Days of Summer Challenge

Hello all!
I'm back to my Summer Nail Art Challenge with the 9th theme - Thirst Quencher. I knew I wanted to do pink lemonade, in fact I have it in my fridge right now :) When I realized that I had a polish named pink lemonade, was a no brainer. I tried using acrylic paint for the first time for the lemons. Not sure how I feel about using paints for nail art yet. I understand why they are used now, easy to work with...feel like I betrayed my nail polishes though! How funny is that?
Well, here it is!!

 I would be remiss if I didn't discuss how incredibly awesome this polish is, and ALL Smitten polish that I have tried so far for that matter! The photos without the lemons painted on are showing you 3 coats with no top coat. I wore this polish for a few days with 2 coats (and it looked awesome) before I had a chance to paint the lemons, so I added another coat of pink lemonade to make sure it looked fresh.

Did it work? Am I making you thirsty?It's not my favorite nail art that I've ever done, but I liked it :)

Here's a list of what's next!!

Check out all the other awesome ladies doing this challenge with me!! -- If I have forgotten to add you, please let me know and I will fix it!!

As always, thanks for reading!! See you next time :D 


  1. i looooooove the lemon detail <3

    1. Thank you so much, and thanks for being such a great reader and always leaving comments. Makes me so happy <3

  2. I feel the same about acrylic paint :)
    Great manicure.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Tini, so happy to see so many "familiar" faces commenting :)

  4. I super LOVE that Smitten polish! It's so pretty! I love your nail art as well! I haven't tried acrylic paint yet for nail art, but I totally get that feeling of betrayal! :)

  5. This color is gorgeous!!And I haven't tried acrylic paint yet for nail art either. I get why it would be easy but I feel conflicted about it too.

  6. Your lemon looks way better than mine xD Good job! I love pink lemonade =D

  7. That is a great polish! And the lemon detail is great.

  8. Pink lemonade is gorgeous! Hahah, me too actually, I feel like I'm secretly having an affair with paint behind my nail polish's backs xD


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