Waves Nail Art with tutorial

Hello :)

I created this manicure specifically to enter The Lacquerologist's 6 month blogiversary contest. The guideline was simply to use one of the categories from her Abstract Nail Art Challenge which I participated in with her and 2 others. I chose Day 2 - Tape. I used 3 polishes from The New Black's Wave Ombre set, so naturally I created waves.

Three shades from The New Black Ombre Waves

 Started with 2 coats of this perfect green blue shimmer. Or is it a blue green? I always test (on my nails, not a nail wheel) how my colors will layer over each other before I start a design.

I used craft scissors to cut strips of painters tape and placed diagonally on the TOTALLY DRY nail. Before I start painting, I make sure the edges of the tape are pressed down firmly on the nail. I usually tape and paint one nail at a time. Guess I got ambitious with this mani :P
 Here's an image with the tip and bottom painted over with my 2nd and 3rd colors, before I pull off the tape.
 And another one
Waves nail art topped of with Seche Vite.

 I really love how these colors look together and find the wave design really soothing. I've never been much of an ocean lover (hate murky waters and getting splashed) but the sound of ocean waves? Yeah. That's love :D Do you love the water? Do you like the design?


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