Pomegranate Nail Lacquer swatches and review

Hi everyone :)
I am pleased to show you three lovely polishes from a new polish company Pomegranate Nail Lacquer. Check out their Facebook page, I believe they are having a 30% off sale today and tomorrow :D I must be in a very mellow mood because I chose very calm colors :P
Pomegranate Nail Lacquer - Mermaid's Tail, Beach House, I Tap on Apps  

 Mermaid's Tail. The most interesting of the bunch in my opinion. Great formula, very opaque! This is actually one coat, and no top coat. A nice minty green with tiny golden flakes.

 Beach House. Ah, yeah, I wish I was in mine :P This is a light blue green creme with a very subtle silver shimmer. Two coats shown with no top coat. No issues with application.
 The little ding you see in the thumb...that was me..no fault of the polish! Sorry :(

 I Tap on Apps. Very pretty light blue with silver shimmer. This borders on a frost in my opinion but is slightly more shimmer than frost, which saves it for me. What is it about frosts that I don't like? I don't know!!!! This shows 2 coats no top coat. Slight brush strokes are possible but not overwhelming.

 Which is your favorite? Will you purchase during the sale? Thirty percent off is very generous!

Hope you enjoyed :)

*Disclosure - These were sent to me for my honest opinion and review.


  1. Wow, I'm in love with ALL of them!

  2. Mermaid's Tale is stunning; and so is the 30% discount :D Great news altogether!

  3. I'm getting Blue Screen of Death and Sizzling Sweet!!! Thank You!!!

  4. I think I like beach house the best, but it is close with that and Mermaid's tale. I'm on a buying ban for right now, but I'll def be keeping pomegranate in mind when I'm off my nail polish "diet" :)

  5. I like them all and I would like to have them all! :-) If I had to I would put them in this order: 1.I Tap on Apps (I go crazy for this kind of colour) 2.Mermaid's Tail (interested texture) 3.Beach House :-)

  6. I love beach house. Flawless application.

  7. Victoria, these are SO beautiful! I love the colours you chose. Well done ;-)


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