Tough as Nails swatches and reviews

Hi everyone! I'm happy to show you 4 wonderful polishes created by Elizabeth from Tough as Nails. Find her here:
 I am super impressed with each one of these, and be warned..this post has a million pics to prove it!
 Teal Me About It is the only one in the bunch that is in a clear base, so I layered one coat over 2 coats of Barry M Tangerine (which is awesome by the way!) and topped with Seche Vite.

 From her description (which I love) "It's All Over Now is a gray jelly lacquer. It contains purple, lavender, blue, and white glitter in varying shapes and sizes. It's All Over Now is a loner, known for being somewhat of an enigma, and is drawn to photographing skyscrapers in the rain."

 "Spacing Out is a black jelly lacquer. It contains teal, turquoise, blue, and silver holographic hex glitter. Spacing Out likes thinking thoughts, examining her fingerprints, and . . . wait . . . what?" Love her sense of humor! I thought I'd like this one the least...but surprise! It's my favorite of the bunch. It's galaxy nails in 2 easy coats. I just couldn't stop staring.

 "Rebellious Bridesmaid is a sheer black jelly lacquer packed with tons of silver and silver holographic glitter in a variety of shapes and sizes. She likes riding her motorcycle on the weekends, whiskey, and has recently taken up spelunking." Love it! I used 2 coats, topped with Seche.

 Aren't these hot? No issues with formula at all. I used 2 coats and Seche Vite for these swatches, except the teal, that was just one coat over the orange "undies". I love these and can't wait to see what else Elizabeth comes up with! Which one is your favorite?

Be well everyone!

*Disclosure - Products in this post were sent for my honest opinion and review. 


  1. wow! these are all awesome and i am REALLY impressed with the bottle and labels!

  2. These are all super pretty. And despite the fact that I really don't care for anything that involves teal I do have to say that layering combo is perfect!

    1. Thanks! :) I wanted something that would really make the glitter stand out!

  3. Wow Spacing Out is what I wanted Orly Androgynie to be. Opaque with visible glitter. Nice work Tough as Nails and great swatching as always Victoria.

  4. Definitely Spacing Out, it is gorgeous! :-)

  5. These are awesome! You have some beautiful pics as well!!!

  6. What gorgeous polishes! I'm especially loving Spacing Out. Also, I'm loving those bottles and label placement! Way cool =]

  7. Ahh your photos are as always, amazing! I did a review for It's All Over Now and Spacing out! :D Try using a matte topcoat over Spacing Out, it's soooooooo pretty! <3

  8. Spacing Out is perfection! Can't believe it is opaque enough in 2 coats without drowning the glitter!


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