Rescue Beauty Lounge Warm Tones Nail Art contest entry

Well, I am on a contest entering spree! Here is my second in 2 days. One more after this even :D
This is my first entry for one of my favorite blogs. Sophie asked everyone to pick one (or both) from 2 of her designs to re-create. I am doing both, oooh hope I wiiiin! I want those pastels so much it hurts :P  Check out the competition here:  My Awesome Beauty Nail Art Contest

 Three from the Georgia on my Mind Collection from Rescue Beauty Lounge. Please note: These bottles are from the pre-order. The names of the colors have been slightly altered and shortened since the original pre-order mailing.

 Each and every one of these polishes are dreamy and perfect for nail art being the perfect formula and lots of pigment. Love <3

Love how this looks elegant yet also fun!! Do you own any RBL's? They sure are expensive, but I love them so!!

Have a great day everyone and stay tuned for my second entry for this contest!


  1. Those colos look beautiful together. Makes me excited for fall. You are right about how pigmented these are. One coaters and gorgeous.

  2. Oh! And good luck on the contest! You did an amazing job!

  3. This is a gorgeous color combination, good luck on your contest!!

  4. I love Poppy. It's so gorgeous! Another beautiful mani.

  5. these colours are so strong and look great together :)

  6. Beautiful nails... :) Greetings from Poland:)
    Justine -


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