Sation Beyond Bubble Gum Pink swatch and review

Hello! And holy pinkness! I had never tried Sation polish before, but consider me a fan-girl now! This went on in 2 perfect coats! I mean, wow! What a great formula :) And this color? Can it be a happier brighter pink? Beautiful silver shimmer. You can easily see it but it isn't over the top. I received this from Glisten and Glow, like them on FB, you will find ordering info and everything else she sells on her page. If you are a bath and body kinda girl, you will love her products.

Really loving this and think it will make a great addition for some upcoming nail art :) This was topped off with HK girl fast dry, also from G&G.

Have a great day everyone!

*Disclosure - Some of the products in this post were provided for my honest opinion and review. 


  1. This is a really gorgeous pink! STUNNING, actually!!

  2. Super Lovely! And as always, beautiful swatches!!

  3. WOW! Didn't think I could be so blown away by just a pink polish, but this is SO gorgeous!!

  4. Such a cute pink one! I love how your pictures are just flawless. Total eye candy <3

  5. So pretty! I'm excited so see the nail art!

  6. I'm researching about HK Girl top coat... Is it any good? I heard it's just as shiny as SV but doesn't shrink?

  7. Pretty! I love pinks and this is a nice one for my skin tone


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