Dandy Nails Winter Collection and more! Swatches and Reviews

Hey there!!
Today's post has taken me ages to put together!! And I've agonized over which pics to include and which get left on the cutting room floor. Most of these are from the Winter 2012 Collection but there are some extras thrown in for good measure. Follow Dandy Nails on Facebook and shop at their Etsy Store. I can tell you with all honesty..no wait..that sounds deceptive...as if I'm not honest all the time? I am, I am ALWAYS honest with you guys :) BUT what I want to tell you is that these are awwwwwwesome. Guh. I love them. Not a one did I not like. And I have far too many favorites from this post, that would go on my top polishes of the year, if I were to make such a list! OK...let's see ok?

 Chilled Down - Blue and Gold flakes in an off white milky base
 I used 2 coats here. Easy application, great formula. Love <3

 Moonglow - Gray scattered holo
 Two coats here. Perfect formula. I adore this polish. I am crushing on gray so hard right now and I prefer a scattered holo to a linear. So yeah. This is dreamy.

 Highest Ground - Aqua glitter and aqua shimmer in a sky blue base.
 Three coats here. This one dries a little gritty, so you may need to top coat your top coat. Easy formula, another happy color.

 Look Around - green scattered holo
 This is 2 coats, and the only one of the bunch that had any issue at all, and it's minor!! There were a few spots of what I presume to be unmixed pigment in the bottle. So so minor that you barely notice it, but I had to mention it.

Bory-Alice - Blue, purple with some gold shifting in a green black base.
Two coats here. So so pretty!! Perfect formula. Sigh. <3

Cashmere Night - Matte purple with blue and pink shimmer
Seriously? I mean. Hello? I love you. Two coats. Easy application once again.

Bathed in Light - Pink/gray duochrome
THIS. THIS is why I love nail polish. THIS is why I love Indie polish makers. This is absolutely amazing. On my list of favorite polishes evarrr. I applied 1 coat (I think it was only one...it was so gorgeous it left me in a stupor) over Cashmere Night. What else can I say? Just look at it :D

And cut. The end! :) So happy to be finally posting these for you to see. I highly recommend checking out the Dandy Nails shop. All of these are currently available. Which is your favorite?

xo Victoria

*Products provided for review.


  1. Wow I started saying that I love the blue one, then the purple with gold, then the matte purple and then what can I say I like them all

  2. Bory Alica and Bathed in Light look like galaxy *-* Wonderful! I live it <3

  3. Gorgeous swatches! I've got a few Dandy Nails on my wishlist... they are fabulous.

  4. OMG! Drooooooling!! All of these are stunning! You always have such beautiful swatches girlie!! :D

  5. Simply stunning. Cashmere Night is freaking awesome!!!!! So are the green holo, the gray holo, and the blue holo. But that one stands out.

  6. I purchased the Chilled Down a few weeks ago. Haven't worn it yet but I'm so excited to now! And I love Bathed in Light... all of them actually. Okay, I must go purchase more. lol. Love your blog!

  7. Bory-Alice is what I would normally wear (and want) but I am fascinated by the white-glitter creations I am seeing on the polish blogs recently. Chilled out looks great!

  8. Holy cow these are all gorgeous! I want them all. Especially Chilled Down, Look Around and Cashmere Night. Beautiful!

  9. Cashmere Night and Chilled Down are sooo gorgeous and unique! Looove <3

  10. Dandy Nails is so fantastic. Beautiful swatches!

  11. I almost just went and bought bathed in light right now its so pretty! If only it were less than $8 :-(. But seriously, stunning polishes.

  12. I ready your post and immediately went and bought Cashmere Night and Bathed In Light. Gorgeous! :)

  13. They're so pretty!

  14. That last one reminds me of Butter London Knackered! I loove Chilled Down though <3 Amazing and tempting swatches as usuall

  15. OMG I love the last one!!!! Drooling here.

  16. These are ALL so flippin' pretty!

  17. The bathed in light swatch in the photos are over cashmere night, right? It doesn't look like that by itself? How many coats does it need alone? Hope you can answer my questions! Whether to buy cashmere night as well to get the result as the photos! :)

    1. I swatched Bathed in Light over Cashmere Night, I didn't try it on it's own. I'm sure if you google it you will see swatches for it. Hope you got what you wanted. :)

  18. My favourites are Chilled Down and Cashmere Night :-)


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