Dior Vernis Cruise Collection 2013 Dotted Nail Art - Geometric Challenge Day 2

Hi :)
I've got the second look from my Geometric Challenge for you today. The theme for today is "round" so of course, I needed to make dots. I had so many ideas floating around my head for this one, but I decided to just go for a round shape with round dots, and I knew I wanted to use bright colors.

I couldn't wait to use the Dior Cruise 2013 Collection for nail art the moment I saw it and it did not disappoint. Follow Dior on Facebook and Twitter. Shop for Dior Vernis at Dior.com and select Dior boutiques and department stores.

 Back row: Safari Beige, Mango, Lime, Pasteque
Front row: Ridge filler, Top coat
 I am a huge fan of the innovative tapered Dior brush shape. I find it very easy to use. I've used this ever so slightly tinted ridge filler on days when I (yikes) don't have time to do my nails but I don't want to go out bare. It does fill ridges and leaves a glossy well manicured clean look!
 This manicure started with 3 coats of Dior Safari Beige, which has just become my favorite nude. And the Cruise Collection? Delicious! Appropriately named after the Mango, Lime and Watermelon.
 After Safari Beige dried enough, I used different sized dotting tools and randomly placed them in a round shape on each nail. Easy enough, with a fun look, especially with these bright colors. Looking forward to Spring! I think I'll wear a Lime pedi at the first sight of sockless weather :)

And that's it!! Have a great day everyone :)
xo, Victoria

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  1. Those Dior shades are too pretty! You combined them together really nicely. I love the little dot clusters and the negative space around them really lets them 'pop'. I probably would have gone dot crazy and filled them whole nail but less is definitely more here! :)

  2. such a lovely look..the dotting is not too much and it looks great together ;)

  3. SUPER CUTE! My mom ordered me a bottle of Lime because I have been obsessing over my lusting for it...and it should come today! Can't wait, and this manicure makes me even MORE excited to get my hands on it!! Beautiful job, Vic!

  4. I love this so much I had to comment and let you know! The colors are gorgeous and your technique is flawless!

  5. sooo beautiful! Love the colours and the dots! They reminded me of circle glitters!

  6. ok this is so cool! I love the colours together and the dots are just fab !

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wow I am in LOVE with those Chanel shades (their names are just perfect!) and I love how you used them in your manicure. Using the nude shade as a background for the dots is just lovely. I need to try something like this. Thanks for always providing so much inspiration =)

  9. This is so awesome - the colors and design are so perfect!

  10. Such a pretty design!

  11. Simple yet absolutely beautiful! The bright colors on the light tone is my favorite part about this look.

  12. This turned out wonderfully! Love how you worked all the colors in.

  13. Ah! I love this! The little clusters of color are so cute =]!

  14. awwww tooo cute! I love how you combined the colors.

  15. love these SO MUCH. the color scheme and pattern just make me so happy!

  16. I love these so much!!!! The colors look amazing together!

  17. This mani is so pretty, you combined the colours very well!

  18. Gimme all the Dior, love them all. Definitely picking these up.

  19. Wonderful. The colours remind to spring

  20. Very cute! I love Safari Beige and the other colours that you used are matched very good!

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