Liquid Lacquer The Dream Chasing Collection Swatch and Review


Showing you 3 of the 4 polishes of Liquid Lacquer's The Dream Chasing Collection today. I was also lucky enough to try out the top coat and cuticles oils as well and I'll let you know how they did :)

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 A Calm Does Not Suit Me- A white crelly base with periwinkle and navy glitter.
 Look at the sweet packaging! Each polish comes bubble wrapped in it's own pretty bag, with a favorite quote included :)
I'm pretty sure I used 3 coats here. But it might be two. This is why I need to write stuff down! I usually take notes while I swatch, I forgot to this time..sorry! The application was easy and the formula was without issue that I know!

The top coat worked great for me..and check out this MEGA size!! I love it. It's quite affordable too, it's a 1.12oz bottle for only $6.50. For those of us who go through top coat like it's water...get this :) I had no issues of shrinking and dry time was good. I used it in all of these swatches, have not yet tried it over nail art though.

Only I Remain - Shades of blue and green glitter in a clear base.
I used one coat over 2 coats of Contrary Polish Better Together. No problems with formula or application.

Handful Of Dust - Consist of micro swamp green,brown,and copper glitter, fine navy glitter, and fine black dust.
I layered one coat over Contrary Polish Play Me. Again, easy application, no issues.

I am thrilled I got to try out the cuticle oils as well. They come in four different scents:
Grab A Cup- Chocolate Mocha Scent
Saturday Morning Cereal-Fruit Loops Scent
Cake for Breakfast-Sweet vanilla cake scent
On A Beach Somewhere-Mango papaya scent.

I am the first one to say that artificial scents and I don't get along and I'm often sent into headache land from a wiff of perfume or synthetic fragrances. So, I was nervous I'd have a bad reaction to these. The ingredient list overall makes me happy. All good stuff!! I was just nervous about the scents

Ingredients-Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Flax Seed Oil, and Lanolin.

And now for the verdict? IN THE MOST LOVE!! I've used all of them except On a Beach (which I don't have but now need more than life). I use them every day in fact, this winter is really doing a number on my hands and cuticles and this oil is helping A LOT. The smells are delicious and not at all overpowering. WOO!! They also come in a large bottle and are super affordable!!

These polishes are wonderful and all LE so, if you like em, get em!! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Gotta get my boys outside to play in the snow!!!!

*Products provided for review.


  1. What a pretty collection! I love the first polish especially. Those cuticle oils sound amazing (and delicious :P) too!

  2. Another milky polish with glitter, yay! <3 Such a fan of these, your swatches are beautiful (:

    (⁀‵⁀) ∞ ღ ∞

  4. Cute swatches, I think I like a calm does not suit me the most. I'm really into the ones with the cream white bases :D

  5. My favourite is A Calm Does Not Suit Me :-) And, of course, I would like to try those cuticle oils :-)


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