piCture pOlish Starry Night Swatch and Review

Hello loves!!
Excited to be premiering for you a new piCture pOlish collaboration shade! I adore that this company does this, it's such a generous idea. This is the first time I've been asked to swatch piCture pOlish, in fact, my first pp ever!! Here is Starry Night, by Llarowe. This can be purchased exclusively from piCturepOlish.com and Llarowe.com USA price is $14.50 and it will be available at piCture pOlish on-line for AUD$12.00.

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 This not only has a holo sparkle in a black base, it has a mix of color sparks that you can see in artificial light. I swatch under a daylight bulb, so it doesn't show too much of the colors, just a bit came out in the photos but trust, they are there. This polish is stunning.
 This is 3 super easy coats. Great formula, thin so it doesn't bulk up when you apply more than one coat, but goes just where you want it. This would have been good at 2 coats, but I wanted to be sure it photographed well under the lights, so I did 3. There's no top coat on theses swatches.

Gorgeous, right? What's your favorite piCture pOlish? I'm hooked, need to build up my stash :P

Hope you have a great night :)

*Product provided for review.


  1. Definitely looks like a starry night! This is absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention it is stunning on your nails!! :)

  2. Wow this is gorgeous! I'm dying to try Picture Polish!

  3. Gorgeous swatches as always and thank you so much! I am honored!

  4. This is incredible!! I might have to splurge on my first piCture pOlish too. WOW.

  5. Love how some of the glitter flecks are bigger <3 Amazing swatches (:

  6. ...good name for the polish. also, beautiful.

  7. OMG!!! This nail polish is so pretty. Love the dark shade with glitters on it. It really sparkles. Love it!

  8. very nice looking naildesign!

    kind regards from Berlin :-)

  9. That is no top coat on them? Agree with you! Must start up my stash on PP and fast! :))
    Beautiful pictures and lovely done swatch, as always - thank you*

  10. lovely! its so strange how globe and nail did the exact same swatch post at pretty much the same time :O

  11. This is so so gorgeous, and your swatches a beautiful! I have been inspired and already ordered mine!

  12. As always, gorgeous swatches! Love this shade! I joined the collaboration last week with "Violet Femme", like you without top coat. Makes me curious if the upcoming shades are also so gorge without it :)

  13. Gorgeous nail polish and beautiful swatches! :-)

  14. This is really pretty...reminds my of Zoya's PixieDust in Dahila when you put on a topcoat. Both inspired the same reaction -- this needs to be done in a gorgeous navy! (I don't really wear black; but I can appreciate how beautiful this one is)

  15. Victoria, I voted for you! I REALLY hope you win.........you deserve it!
    Good luck!


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