Vote for me! Vote for me! :D

Hey friends...
Yep it's that time. I don't plan on doing this often..but I'm about to beg, plead, cry ask for votes. I have entered a contest and it's turning out to be a huge battle!! The contest ends at 11:59 (EST) Thursday night. If you voted already for me THANK YOU!! If you haven't and could take a minute to click "looks good" for my "sexy date night nails" I'd be very grateful!! The prize is $500 and that is no laughing matter. That kind of money could really help!! In fact, I'd for sure add something special to my next giveaway if I won :D

The nails I entered are in this post and you can see it and  VOTE HERE.  All you have to do is click "looks good". Thank you so so so much! 

Thank you!!


  1. I do it :)
    "looks good" -> Click !

  2. it is chaotic site, there where you sent us :)

    independent fashion blog by

  3. I was the 284th vote, Good Luck!

  4. done! good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Just voted, gorgeous entry! :)

  6. Great entry; you're way ahead now !! Good luck

  7. Just voted! It looks really, really good! :-)

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