Geometric Challenge 3D Nail Art with Dior Vernis

Good morning!! Happy Friday!

I have another Geometric Challenge to show you today. The theme is 3D and I decided to keep it classy, keep it simple. It was easy to keep it classy as I used all Dior Vernis for this mani. Right down the the ridge filler base coat (which I love) and the Gel top coat (which I love).

 Dior Vernis: Incognito, Gris Montaigne, Pink Graffiti, Electric Blue, Untitled Black
 The "foundation" for this mani is 2 coats of Dior Incognito which is a lovely pink nude with a great formula. I felt like it gave just the right amount of color to not be distracting. I used tape to add enlarged french tips and the cube shape in Dior Gris Montaigne. This medium grey is an all time favorite Dior of mine.
 After the grey dried, I free handed the Dior Pink Graffiti and Dior Electric Blue lines and added dots. with Dior Untitled Black. 

What do you think? Does it look three dimensional? I'm wondering how different this mani would have looked had I done the cube on each finger. I was thinking less is more for this one...Do you agree?

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*Electric Blue purchased by me. All other products provided for review. 


  1. I almost thought you had naked nails with the grey and such on top, this color suits you well!

  2. Lovely. I really love the nude :D
    And I agree, less is more with this design ;)

  3. i think it looks GREAT! No I lied. It being great is an understatement.

  4. Is the "gel" in the gel topcoat you mentioned mean it goes on thicker or different? Love the shades you used. I may have to try this brand :D Thanks always for your inspirations. Julie (I'm not sure what all the accounts are to "publish" on your blog.) I get your feeds via FB and email.

    1. Hi Julie, The Dior Gel Topcoat goes on just like any other topcoat and is super shiny and relatively quick drying. I really love it! I'm glad to have you reading :) ..and not sure what you mean with "accounts to publish".

  5. Incognito is AMAZING! it looks clear but it's not

  6. Perfect colours and I love the straight french, which looks very modern and fresh!

  7. These are so classy! I love the grey french. I think your cube is perfect and I like the single accent :D


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