Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection Spring/Summer 2016 Nail Art

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Hello! I have a few designs I created to show off a collection that I get kinda mushy over. Cirque Colors (based in Brooklyn, NY) has an ongoing collection inspired by my hometown, NYC! These lovely creme shades of the Metropolis Collection get added to on a seasonal basis. Here are the nine shades released for Spring/Summer 2016. 
 Aren't they swoon worthy? I made 3 designs, and used all of the shades. Keep on readin' :D
 Cirque Colors Chelsea Girl - a medium purple creme
Cirque Colors Whitney - a dusty pink lilac creme
Cirque Colors Don't Forget The Canoli - an understated ivory creme

 I used Moroccan nail vinyls to create this, painting Chelsea Girl and Whitney over two coats of Don't Forget the Canoli. I love love how it turned out! Made me think of purple and lilac clouds. These three shades were a dream to work with. All of them were actually.

Cirque Colors Key To Gramercy - a light sage green creme
Cirque Colors Meet Me in Montauk - a pale light blue creme
 Cirque Colors Rhapsody In Blue - a cobalt blue creme (previously released as "Santorini")
Cirque Colors Mermaid Parade - a bright teal creme
 I had a base of 2 coats Cirque Colors Don't Forget The Canoli here and then used the reverse stamp method to stamp my image and then paint in the backside of the stamp. After the colors are filled in you apply top coat. I like to use fast dry top coat and when it's just barely dry I lift it off, I find it a delicate balance between fully dry and brittle and just about dry and malleable. This one didn't turn out to be my favorite. The painted in image isn't crisp enough for my liking and I had some wee issues applying. That said..these looked really cool in real life and I got a lot of compliments when I wore it.
 Cirque Colors Fire Island - a fiery red-orange creme
 Cirque Colors Lox and Sable - a salmon pink creme
 This was my first attempt using this technique..uh..wet polish swirl? Is that what it's called? lol I started with 2 effortless coats of Lox and Sable (which by the way, I grew up eating!) and then while it was wet, applied small dots of Fire Island and then used a pin to swirl. I'm generally happy with the outcome, especially for a first try!

You know I'm going to ask now..which is your favorite design? Do you have any of these sumptuous cremes yet? I know I will reach for them again and again! I love them!!

Retails for $13. Launching at on Friday, March 4, 2016. Check your local retailer for delivery dates.
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