NAFW 2016 Day 6 - Fall 2016 Dress: Marchesa, with Smith & Cult

OK! Only one more challenge day after this and I've finally completed this amazing Nail Art Fashion Week challenge! I knew almost from the beginning that I wanted to create a Marchesa dress, one of my favorite designers and there's no question that they ruled the runway in Fall 2016! If you have any desire to be wowed by the sheer beauty of fashion, check out this summary of Marchesa Fall 2016 by
Well...these looked better in my mind..and way better before I put the dotted "flowers" in between the gradient sections. Somehow, in my opinion, these just didn't turn out the way I had hoped but I decided to post them anyway. So I fell short of my challenge for this one. 

I used all Smith & Cult polishes..which I'm in love with and will one day swatch and show off on their own. Shades used: Dark Like Me, Check The Rhyme, Faultleroy, Vegas Post Apocalyptic

If you want to see what Nail Art Fashion Week is all about you can read 
and search the tag: #NAFW2016 
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  2. Nail Art Fashion Week Challenge! I knew very immediately that I wanted to make a Marchesa dress, one of my favorite designers, and there's no doubt that they dominated the runway in Fall 2016. Thank you for sharing your insight! Keep up the great work! Continue sharing. Please feel free to browse my website.
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