NAFW 2016 Day 5 - Style Icon: Cate Blanchett, with China Glaze, KBShimmer and Whats Up Nails

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Hi everyone! Bringing you Day 5 of the Nail Art Fashion Week 2016 (#NAFW2016) challenge despite it being officially over already. Today's look I actually did last..because I just knew I'd love them and not want to take them off! I was right! I'm still wearing these right now! I chose Cate Blanchett seen here wearing Maison Martin Margiela, as my style icon this year because not only is she elegant and classy, she often pushes the envelope and dares to wear designs with an edge to them and in my opinion she always pulls it off!
 I was able to create this awesome design using Whats Up Nails 
Honeycomb Nail Vinyls.
 I know the colors aren't exactly right, but these new China Glaze Summer 2016 shades: Lime After Lime, Lip Smackin' Good, and None Of Your risky Business were sitting on my desk begging to be used and I love the way it turned out.
 I started with 2 coats of the amazing KBShimmer Diamond and then Clearly On Top. After I applied the Whats Up Nails vinyl to dry nail, I used a small nail art brush to dab each China Glaze shade in, creating a somewhat patchy look. This was intentional to dull out the shade and let the blingy glitter base come through under the colors. It worked out exactly as I'd hoped.
 This shade is so so grown up blingy it was hard to photograph and looks amazing as the base for this design, if I do say so :P
 China Glaze Summer 2016 shades: Lime After Lime - Light bright neon lime crème , Lip Smackin' Good - Bubblicious neon pink crème, and None Of Your risky Business - Electric tangerine crème
You can find the press release for this entire collection here
 Don't make me take these off. OK?!?
Yup, I love these! Do you? Have you enjoyed the week of fashion inspired nail art? If you want to see what it's all about you can read 
and search the tag: #NAFW2016 
All the best,
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