NAFW 2016 Day 7 - Fall 2016 Runway Nail Art: Ladyfancynails for Chromat with Smith & Cult

Hello! So happy to show you my final design for the Nail Art Fashion Week 2016 challenge! I told you I would finish ;) Though it took way longer than scheduled, at least I can say I completed it. 
The week long challenge ends with recreating a nail art design from the Fall 2016 runway. I chose this super simple design by for Chromat
I used Smith & Cult Pillow Pie and Kings & Thieves for the free hand X. 
 This was pretty simple to do, with a striking result, I think.

 The lovely Smith & Cult Pillow Pie. Great formula, I painted only one coat here, because I wanted to have that translucent effect.
 I used a medium size nail art brush and painted on the X with Smith & Cult Kings & Thieves. I only needed to go over it a second time in a couple of spots.


What do you think? Would you wear these for an everyday look? Can you imagine them for runway nails? I sure can! I loved how they looked on my nails!

I'm so grateful to have been a co-host along with Very Emily, Lucy's Stash and lieve91 for this amazing challenge that Maria of has brainstormed! I look forward to the next fashion week and seeing all your comments makes my day. xo

If you want to see what Nail Art Fashion Week is all about you can read 
and search the tag: #NAFW2016 
All the best,


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