NAFW 2016 Day 2 - Shoes: Jessica Simpson with China Glaze

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Hi there! I'm running late on these eek! Will do my best to get this challenge complete because not only am I a co-host for it..I love it! I've had all my inspirations picked out for weeks! Though, today is extra delayed because the shoe inspiration that I had picked out..I was in a hurry to do (already late) and I just couldn't translate it onto the nail the way I wanted. Has that ever happened to you? 
So I went back to the drawing board and found a new inspiration and got this one done in a flash!
The shoe is the Claudette Half D'Orsay Pump! Photo courtesy

 So, these were pretty easy to create. I first applied 2 coats of China Glaze Sorry I'm Latte (which isn't as pink in real life...I think I may have neglected to white balance these correctly..please refer back to the in a mega hurry info previously stated. eek). This matched the cork color of the shoes so well in real life! Then I used the dry brush method (simply wipe off a lot of the polish off the brush and swipe across nail to deposit bits of color) with China Glaze Community.
 Then I just painted on the flowers with China Glaze White On White.
Not my best best, but they looked really fun and I like them!

Hope you enjoy this week of fashion inspired nail art! Will you be joining us? If so please tag so we can see! #NAFW2016  *Note - this post is **coughs** a few days late

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