NAFW 2016 Day 4 - Fashion Trend: Clean Lines with Lela Rose, OPI and Whats Up Nails

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Here I am on the late parade, but I'm still going to finish out this challenge! Today I have Day 4 of the Nail Art Fashion Week challenge: Fashion Trend. The trend I went with is "clean lines". I kind of made that up...but I think it works. lol. I was so enamored with this entire collection, it was hard to pick just one to recreate. I was also touched by the fact that Lela Rose's father passed away suddenly on;t two weeks before the show..and I got choked up. My own father has just been diagnosed with cancer so I've been caught up with emotions and lots of doctor appointments with him (one of the many reasons these posts are tardy!) My condolences to Lela Rose! And now onto my "clean lines" trend to honor this beautiful look! 
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I am pretty happy with how these turned out though I did have to do a re-do of one of the nail designs when it didn't show up on the nail like I pictured in my head. 
 I began this all OPI manicure with 2-3 coats of OPI Alpine Snow. I used Whats Up Nails Diamond Pattern nail vinyls for the Index, Thumb and Pinky nails using OPI It's Pink P.M. from Spring 2016 collection. The Ring finger I used good old fashioned striping tape (remember those?)
 My middle finger nail is a simple "clean lines" design with OPI I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw and Lost On Lombard.

Do you like these as much as I do? Have you enjoyed the week of fashion inspired nail art? If you want to see what it's all about you can read 
and search the tag: #NAFW2016
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