Digit-al Dozen's Halloween week featuring Impala (Vampire nail art)

Hello lovelies! It's Halloween week for the Digit-al Dozen!! This small group (of a dozen!) dedicates 5 days each moth to a theme and that's right, this month is not surprisingly, Halloween. I've never much cared for Halloween so I didn't really get excited about this one. But here's the first of five. My vampire nails!

 For my base I used Impala Brilho Vinil which can be purchased for only $4.50 (It's a 7.5ml bottle) from Llarowe.com. It's described as a berry red jelly. Personally I think it's more of a cream than a jelly and is more red than berry. Show is 2 easy coats and no top coat. Great formula, a little on the thick side, but I always prefer a bit too thick rather than too thin. I sponged on Zoya Raven and painted on Sally Hansen White On. And that's it.
 This polish has a hint of a shimmer that you can only see in direct light, but it's very pretty.

I got creeped out by my own fingers and didn't leave these on for long!! I probably should have done the other fingers with the fangs too. Oh well :/ What do you think of red base?

See you tomorrow for more Halloween!

*Disclosure - Some of the products in this post were sent for my honest opinion and review. 

Here's the others:


  1. The red is amazing!! I love it!

  2. Omg this is so cool!! Would you consider doing a tutorial for that? :)

    1. Hi Nail Girl! It was super easy. I just did the base coat and let it dry. Then I used a small ripped off piece of sponge and sponged on Raven in the middle. Then I used a small nail art brush, dipped in white and just painted on the teeth!

  3. TEETH ON YOUR NAILS. They are really creepy! As for the red, that is a bloody gorgeous colour! ;)

  4. Love this- almost pop artesque

  5. That red is amazing! I love the fangs!!

  6. What a beautiful red!!it goes well with your skintone. I'm loving that nail polish bottle so lady like :)

  7. without words... red + fangs = totally in love!!!

  8. These are so amazing! Love them and your nails look flawless as usual!


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