Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Cardigan and Curator Swatch and Review

Hi everyone!
I'm excited to show you these two from Pomegranate Lacquers Fall Collection. Not only my very favorite fruit, but two gorgeous polishes too :D
 I know, I hardly ever do bottle shots! But, I wanted to show you how it takes on a slightly greener color when it's only 2 coats on the nail.
 Pomegranate Lacquer Curator and Cardigan
 Cardigan - amazing formula, good at 2 coats with vnl and I actually love it that way,  opaque in 4 coats. High shine and perfectly self leveling! Swatches are without top coat! These first photos are 2 coats.

 These last 3 photos of Cardigan show 4 coats! Except on the thumb, I left that one at 2 coats so you could see the difference. This polish was super easy to apply. No streaking or dragging whatsoever.

 This is 2 coats of Curator. You know I HAD to pick this color, right? I'm maniCURATOR :D
 These are showing 2 easy coats, no top coat. No problems in application at all. Great coverage, self leveling and shiny!

 I am super impressed with these. The colors are great, but even greater is the formula. I look forward to having more Pomegranates in my collection :) Shop for them at Pomegranate.com and like them on Facebook.

Be well,

*Disclosure - Products in this post were sent for my honest opinion and review.


  1. Oh my gosh. Cardigan is just beautiful! And these shots are magazine style! Great job:)

  2. Both of them are beautiful! Although I adore blue, I think I would pick up Curator first! :-)

  3. I love these two colors you have chosen. They are beautiful and it suits you very well too. Will be trying this polish very soon. Thanks for the great description.

  4. I love them both, but I had not seen Cardigan swatched before! It's stunning!

  5. I sooo need to spend the $ and put in an order with this company...I am in a phase where I hate buying more polish because it's often a disappointment if I cannot see them in person first - plus I hate to pay anything much for shipping charges. But I keep seeing this brand and love the shades and finishes. Glad you showed how sheer Cardigan is however - not sure it would be all that different from the jelly this fall that Zoya put out - this one looks a bit brighter - less dusty maybe.

    1. Hi beachgal! Do you like me on FB? I just posted a comparison photo of the Zoya and this one. They are quite different actually :)

  6. Beautiful! I love Curator too, but I really think I need Cardigan now!

  7. I love!! Cardigan is pretty both ways. I have Curator and I can't wait to try it!!

  8. Ok, I already had Curator on my wish list, but now i can add Cardigan as well!! WOW!

  9. Love the teal color & LOVE your pics!

  10. Woooow that blue jelly is so gorgeous!!!

  11. Your nails are gorgeous! I do believe both of these are going to just HAVE to go on my Santa list this year. ;<)

  12. Oh holy cow! I LOVE Cardigan! It's friggin amazing! =)

  13. I had them both in my cart and then I discovered they don't ship to the U.K sob! Your swatches are great and really made me want them, so it's all your fault :) :)

  14. Ooh a shop in Singapore supplies them and shipping is so cheap, so I've ordered. I really need a swap buddy though. Thanks for the swatches and inspiration!


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