GlitterDaze A Charmed Halloween Collection Swatch and Review

Hey everyone :)
I have "A Charmed Halloween" Collection by GlitterDaze to show you today!! You can find her here:

Pricing: 7ml bottles are $6 14ml bottles are $11. When people sign up on her site, they will receive reward points for each polish they purchase which can be redeemed for a free polish/discount on a future purchase. I love that!
 Descriptions are taken from her shop. 

 The Charmed Ones are a trio of sisters, who just happen to be the most powerful witches to ever live! They have dedicated their entire lives to protecting innocents and fighting off demons who want their prized powers; freezing time, moving objects with the mind, and visions into the past and future! The Charmed Ones is a grey jelly polish filled with various shapes and sizes of blue, black, and white glitters as well as some iridescent shreds and lots of blue shimmer!
 LOVE! No problems with formula or application. I did 3 thin coats here and yes, you can still see nail, so layer if you don't like that look. I will definitely be wearing this one again, gorgeous shimmer :)

 The Source of all Evil is the ruler of the Underworld and one of the most evil Demons in existance!  He is constantly sending his demonic minions to fight the Charmed Ones in an effort to steal their powers, but to no avail.Source of all Evil is a black jelly polish filled with purple, orange, and green glitters, as well as shredded iridescent glitters.
 This one was a little problematic for me. I did 3 thin coats, and it looks as if I should have layered it over a dark color. The shreds decided to clump here and there and even after top coat don't flatten. If you love this, you could use tweezers to remove any uncooperative pieces.

 Vanquishing Demons is what the Halliwell sisters do best! No matter who the Demon, when matched up against the Charmed ones, is blown to smithereens. Vanquishing Demons is a blood red jelly polish with gold shimmer and black shredded glitter
 I've mentioned before I'm not a fan of shreds, but this is well done, the shreds don't clump and the shimmer is a really nice addition! This is 3 thin coats.

 The Book of Shadows holds all of the spells, potions, and the inside scoop on how to hunt down and destroy all of the demonic beings of the world. This polish is a leathery brown 'crelly' (creme and jelly hybrid) full of gold shimmer as well as gold, copper, and bronze glitters in various shapes and sizes.
 This is a gorgeous Fall color. Three thin coats and no problems with formula or application. This makes me think of hot apple cider, or my favorite, caramel apples :D

 The Power of Three is the bond that protects the charmed sisters. No force of Evil can get past them with the power of three, whether it be an upper level demon, or The Source himself; the power of three will always set them free! This polish is full of beautiful multicolored iridescent glitters, in four different sizes, all in a clear base. This is perfect for layering over various colors. The glitters will have a different effect when layered over darker colors!
 My "underwear" Rescue Beauty Lounge Sante Fe. One coat!! A stunner for sure.
 This is showing 1 coat of The Power of Three. It's on the thick side, so I'm glad one coat had enough glitter to cover nail. This is pretty, delicate and will look differently over different colors of course.

 White Lighters are like guardian angels for witches. They protect, heal, and can orb their charges from place to place! My White Lighter is a shimmery white based glow-in-the-dark polish full of lots of blue shimmer and 3 different sizes of sky blue glitter.
 I LOVE this! My first glow in the dark polish :) It's super pretty, this is showing 2 coats over 2 coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu and Poshe top coat. The formula is a little thick to apply but smoothed out nicely on the nail once top coat went on. This is my fave of the collection, and I still have it on :D

 A great, varied collection I think. Something for everyone in here. Which is your favorite? Will you be picking up any? They are available now!! :) 

Have a great day!

*Disclosure - Products in this post were sent for my honest opinion and review.


  1. These are gorgeous! I love Charmed so much and now seeing these swatches I want them all. Thanks for posting them!!!

  2. Man. This is a GREAT Halloween collection! As I kept scrolling I was like "nope, this is my favourite" and said that for every single one of them. Amazing!

  3. These are all beautiful! I tried to pick a favorite but I can't. Halloween's not really my jam but I've been loving all the collections (both indie and big name) that I've been seeing. Also, your nails are gorgeous, I cry with envy.

  4. All of these Halloween collections are so fun! I love seeing the "non-traditional" halloween colors!

  5. soon as I finished reading this post I went and bought two of them! Great swatches, Victoria!

  6. Gorgeous!! I love White Lighters and Vanquishing Demons

  7. This is a really fun and varied collection! Love the glow in the dark polish.

  8. White lighter is pretty amazing!

  9. All of these are really pretty! Great swatches!

  10. I love Vanquishing Demon and the Power of Three!!

  11. Vanquishing Demons is my fav. I haven't seen anything like it before. ☺

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