Zoya Ziv Swatch and Review with Born Pretty Star Glitter Nail Art

Hello everyone!
Super excited to show you what I have on right now. In fact, I'm hoping that none of you reading are my family and friends right now. Because I am about to gush over a nail polish the way only a nail polish geek could understand. The Zoya Ornate Holiday 2012 Collection arrived at my house today. I was giddy and I didn't have to contemplate long, Ziv was going to be my first Ornate :D
Zoya Ornate Holiday 2012
 Zoya describes Ziv as "a full coverage, yellow-toned metallic gold foil with silver highlights and warm gold flake glitter accents. Try this for an extremely shiny, reflective, and eye-catching luxe gold nail." I agree! Looooook how it glows! I love her! I would marry her. The formula is great, I've got 2 coats on here. I decided to embellish Ziv (which can be purchased right here) with some loose glitter stars from Born Pretty . I used a dotting tool to pick up each star and place in on the nail while the polish is still wet. I had no plan for this. Just started placing stars and went with it.
Born Pretty Store Star Glitter
 You can find the glitter here. I really love being able to add your glitter just where you want it. So I am definitely in love with these.
Some things to note:
The little case is closed tightly. REALLY. Open it before you put your polish on, not when you have just applied your first coat.
Some of the glitters stick together. So it looks like it's one thick one. You just have to separate them by rubbing them between your fingers. 
The glitters are rough, even with top coat. It's more impractical (in my opinion) than beady nails and ever so worth it. 

 This last photo is with a layer of HK Girl top coat. All the other photos are without top coat. The top coat smoothes the glitter somewhat but I would recommend 2 coats of top coat.

I love everything about this mani. I can't wait to try the other Ornates and I can't wait to try out other looks with the star glitter. Today was a good nail day :D

XO, Victoria

*Disclosure - Products in this post were sent for my honest opinion and review.


  1. OMG that Zoya collection...holy cow, I can't wait to see your swatches! I've been drooling over these polishes!!

  2. Love it!!! Super beautiful!! :D

  3. I want the entire Ornate collection so badly I can barely see straight. I love the addition of the stars!

  4. A million times WOW!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! This really looks good on you.

  6. Glitter stars! They look incredible!


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