KBShimmer Lilac Dreams and Band Geek Swatches and Reviews

Good morning!!
I chose a couple of beautiful Autumn appropriate KBShimmers to show you today :) You can rest assured if you purchase from KBShimmer.com You will get quality nail polish with excellent customer service. I say this because I have made many many purchases and have a drawer full of KBShimmers :D

 From their shop description: Lilac Dreams is a luscious shade that depending on the light, shifts slightly from a medium purple to a lovely shade of pink. Holographic glitter in aqua blue and sliver add sparkle and shine while a scattering of micro black and silver glitter adds depth to the color.
 This is 2 coats with HK Girl top coat. No issues with formula whatsoever. Applies like a dream and looks fantastic :)

 From their shop description: This polish is an ode to the band geeks of the world. Black jelly base to represent the oboe and clarinet, several sizes of sliver, copper, and gold to capture the flutes, horns, drums, and the rest of the band.
 This is two coats of Band Geek with HK Girl top coat. I admit, I have a soft spot for this, as I was a bank geek, but even if I never played the trumpet (I HAD to, that is what my big brother played!) I would love this. The black jelly is easy to apply and covers well in 2 coats. I dabbed once or twice in balder areas and it was no problem. And those glitters! I am a big fan of mixing metals, so to see the silver, gold and copper in one polish makes me giddy ;) 

Hope you enjoyed!! Which is your favorite??

Until next time,

*Disclosure - products in this post were sent for my honest opinion and review.


  1. Oh god I am SO in love with Lilac Dreams can you say GORGEOUS???? Thanks now I have to go buy it -_- poor wallet :)

  2. Love it!! And now I have to add Lilac dreams to my wish list!!

  3. Oh mannn I love both of these but if I had to pick a favorite it'd be Band Geek. I want literally every polish that KB Shimmer makes and I try not to think about them but then you have to go and post these beautiful swatches and make me remember that I WANT THEM.

  4. OooooO. Lilac Dreams almost looks electric! And I'm all about the black jelly based glitters...and gold...lately. So I'm having a hard time picking the favorite!

  5. I have Band Geek too- it is an AWESOME polish! Perfect for fall and different but not too glittery for work.


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