Digit-al Dozen Halloween Week Candy Corn String Nail Art

Hi everyone!

So the last day for Halloween week, I HAD to do a candy corn inspired look. I knew I wanted to have triangular shapes and I've been wanting to do "string" nail art again. Or some refer to it as spun sugar. Here is my other string mani. It's the rainbow one that became quite popular, someone even cropped out my watermark they liked it so much. (grr.)
 Let's look at this one now :)

 Zoya Arizona, Pippa and Christinna
 I applied a base of 1 coat of Christinna. When that was dry I used the method detailed in this tutorial.
 I laid the polish strings to try to get a color block of triangle like shapes. Not sure how well I did. I had the most trouble with the white. I think I was being impatient, and tried to get it on the nail before it was "stringy" enough so it globbed a bit.
 Above photos are without topcoat. It's a great textured look, right? Below are photos with a THICK coat of Seche Vite. I like this look too and the top coat makes it more wearable for sure.

So does it make you think candy corn? Which way do you like better, without or with topcoat?

OK, I gotta get this up before midnight and get some sleep! I've been burning the candle at both ends lately. I *might* actually take the weekend off from blogging!!

Be well!


  1. Pretty cool! Love the different take on candy corn! :)

  2. I like the effect better without the topcoat! :D And of course, go get some sleeep girl! You deserve a break!

  3. Absolutely LOVE this! I would have never thought of doing a sugar spun mani for this and your rainbow ones are just to DIE for! I think I have to try to recreate them! :D

  4. Now that is seriously cool! I love the bumpy look! Great job!

  5. I love this! I really like how you did triangle shapes instead of plain stripes.

  6. This came out amazing!! I really need to try this! Nice job!!

  7. i love this design, i think it looks best with the top coat, though i do like the textured look of it too. great job :)

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