365 Days of Color swatches and reviews

I have two lovely polishes by 365 Days of Color to show you today. These can be found at Sanaz's Big Cartel shop and retail for $8 and $4.50 for the mini.

I was able to pick 2 from the Travel the World collection. I chose Bora Bora because that is where I want to go (and it's beautiful) and Concrete Jungle because that is where I live, NY (and it's beautiful).

 Bora Bora is  baby blue cream with pink shimmer in it. It is just so pretty! Concrete jungle is filled with metallic glitters, silver, gunmetal, copper and brown, representing the big skyscraper buildings seen in the New York Skyline! Very cool.

Application of Bora Bora, for me, was challenging. I'm not sure if it didn't agree with my base coat, or what, but it was streaky and patchy. I needed 4 coats! Once I topped it with 1 coat of Concrete Jungle whose application was just fine, and Seche Vite, it looked perfect though.

Are you a fan of Indie polishes? I'm head over heels :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

*DISCLOSURE* These mini bottles were sent to me for my honest opinion and review. My loyalties are always to my readers first and foremost.


  1. Pretty....it's addicting. :)

  2. omg beautiful BEAUTIFUL mani!!!! it's simple but i really really like it :D

  3. Given all the drama that's surrounding indies, I'm very very careful about which ones I get. Plus, I'm getting tired of seeing swatches of glitters. I do wish some of them would start doing other stuff apart from glitters

  4. I recently ordered rainbow honey! Indie is generally too expensive for me, but I totally love it =) These two look great!

  5. I'm loving these two together but this blue is gorgeous! Sucks about the application!

  6. Love the blue polish, it's so fresh and sweet! The glitter really makes a great mani!

  7. Bora Bora is such a pretty blue! It makes a great contrast for showing off Concrete Jungle too--I love the combination of all those great metallic glitters!

  8. What an awesome combination!! That is such a pretty blue!

  9. The glitters look amazing!!!!

  10. I didn't know your blog. what a shame!! your manicures are great. I really enjoyed looking at your blog!

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