Abstract Nail Art Challenge - Ombre

Today's challenge is a look that I love! Ombre!! And I also love that it is so easy to use this theme in so many different ways. Here's my take on it... a micro-beaded ombre :)

 ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly, ILF and Mayo as base colors and various microbeads (Michael's brand and Martha Stewart)
 I custom mixed for each nail.
I am pleased overall, but in retrospect, I would have included more black for the thumb and more of the light aqua and light blue for the pinky. Also, some of the black beads clumped together and that kinda made me aggro. Not really but a little grr. I'm tryyyying to be a perfectionist over here :P

As a final note...I am pretty sure my kids ingested some of these beads as I had to make lunch after this...and yeah, I was picking micro beads out of their eggs. A little micro bead never killed anyone, right?

Look for Day 9 from this challenge on Sunday and please check out what the other lovely ladies came up with!

Emily from The Lacquerologist
Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie
Jessica from Beautygnome
and me :) 

So glad to have you reading!


  1. This is totally awesome!! I love the black and blue together! It looks like 3D camo! I'm going to have to try this!!

  2. This is a really fun take on the ombre! Looks awesome!

  3. Love, love, LOVE!!! This is amazing! I stil have yet to try a micro bead mani and you are making me want to even more!

  4. Oh yeah Victoria. Your right, this one with those clumpy black beads is a disaster!! Lol.

  5. Haha - I love the comment about your kids ingesting the beads. I had to take mine off when I tried a microbead mani so my poor Mom didn't find beads in her birthday cake! Lol. I love this idea :) It's very cute and I think it turned out perfect!

  6. I'm not even a fan of this look but you have managed to make this kind of mani look freaking COOL not once now, but twice. And yeah... the kids'll be alright. lol. My little sister ingested cat food, holly berries, and a wormy apple and she lived to tell the tale. :D

  7. beautiful .... I want to eat them :D

  8. LOL, hope the kids turn out fine! This looks beautiful even if it is completely unpractical for the modern mum! ;-)

  9. Good idea to do a microbead ombre!! Nice job! :)

  10. What a great idea! It looks awesome. =)


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