Abstract Nail Art Challenge - dots


Bringing you the 5th challenge in this series today -- dots! I wanted to combine this challenge with a 4th of July nail art contest that I am entering soooo, I did FIREWORKS. (Or I tried to.) I love the versatility that dots enables.
 I wish I had done the same design on all fingers. I don't like how the index and ring finger turned out.
 Zoya Ibiza, Trixie and America (of course)
Can you see the fireworks? Do you think I should have stuck with the same design on all the nails?

Look for Day 7 from this challenge on Wednesday:

Emily from The Lacquerologist
Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie
Jessica from Beautygnome
and me :) 

So glad to have you reading!


  1. I love this and the variation across the nails! Great colors! Makes me think abot July 4th!

  2. I like the different designs. I really like the thumb! that's my fave!

  3. AWESOME!! Same design on each nail would not have the effect that this does! Love it! :)

  4. Ohhh I love these! I definitely see the fireworks, and I love how you incorporated dots into the designs! i think I will definitely try this out when July 4 comes around!! =)

  5. These are great! I thought fireworks before I even read a word so mission accomplished hehe. I like it with different designs.

  6. I love it! I can for sure see the firework effect you are going for here and it is fabulous.

  7. These are definitely cute. I like that you didn't do them all the same. BTW, I <3 how SUPER shiny this mani is!

  8. Ah ma gawd these are awesome! I totally see the fireworks. I have to do a similar nail art challenge idea soon and I may have to do this!! Love it.

  9. i invite you to my blog http://www.artdeconails.blogspot.com.es/ kisses Victoria


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