The Polish Bar swatches and reviews

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Showing you 4 beautiful polishes from The Polish Bar today! You can shop for Janice's creations at her Etsy shop. They sell for $8.50 for regular size and $4.50 for the mini. All the polishes are 3-free. My swatches all have Rimmel base coat and China Glaze fast forward top coat.
 At first I wanted to show each polish on its own, without an "underwear" base coat..but I found the first one I swatched to be too sheer even after 3 coats, so I picked layering colors. From left to right: LEX Cosmetics Caymen Cabana and The Polish Bar Jasmine, Cult Nails Manipulative and The Polish Bar Sea Glass, Essie Shelter Island and The Polish Bar Treasure Chest and lastly, Zoya and The Polish Bar Crush.
 The Polish Bar Jasmine
 This is One coat over 2 coats of LEX. Application was a little bit tricky and the squares are curling just a bit. I probably should have done 2 thin coats of Jasmine instead of one thicker coat. Very pretty with "a green shimmery base with lavender squares, green squares, holo silver squares and color shifting purple glitter." from their description.

 The Polish Bar Sea Glass
Ah, so pretty...and I've always been fascinated by sea glass!! This was the one I tried to use without an underwear base coat but it isn't meant to be opaque I believe. The description from Etsy "Seaglass has a medium blue jelly base with seagreen colored squares and fine glitter." This is 1 coat layered over 1 coat of Cult Nails. If you see a bald spot, it's because I should have used 2 coats of the Cult Nails polish. Loving this color!

 The Polish Bar Crush
 This one is 2 coats over 2 thin coats of the Zoya. This one gave me the most application trouble. Despite using 2 coats, I still had some patchy spots. It's a pretty polish and I'm thinking maybe it was just user error? Should have let the coats dry more in between?

 The Polish Bar Treasure Chest
 My favorite of the bunch! This is one easy coat over 2 coats of the Essie. I adore the color and the sparse gold hexes. It's got a lot of micro glitter too. Here's what the description says "Treasure Chest has a turquoise shimmery jelly base with gold holo hexagon glitter and dark blue micro glitter. It reminds me of gold coins shimmering at the bottom of the ocean." I agree. It is a treasure :)

Hope you liked my mega post! Stop by her shop...she has these in stock and 2 new LE July 4th polishes (one of which I might have just ordered :P ) 

Have a great day!

*DISCLOSURE* These mini bottles were sent to me for my honest opinion and review. My loyalties are always to my readers first and foremost.


  1. These are gorgeous!! Treasure Chest is definitely my fave!! :D

  2. Treasure Chest and Sea Glass are nice but the other two are just too streaky!

  3. Gorgeous Victoria. Now if I buy these.....I am blaming you. :)

  4. Love the blue ones, they are great! really pretty!

  5. I think Sea Glass is my fav!

  6. awesome pick ups! i really like the second and last ones you swatched :D

  7. Omg Canadian shipping tomorrow!!!! I'm going to buy Treasure Chest and Satellite! Squee!

  8. What is the name of the Zoya polish?

  9. These are all gorgeous top coats!! Thanks for sharing! :)


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