April Showers Bring May Flowers - Newspaper transfer

Hello nail friends! :)

I have another not so successful challenge to show you today. For this one, the newspaper transfer..I cheated. I purchased The New Black set from Sephora for $16. They have two different base color options.

 The set comes with 5 sheets of each type of print. The base color by itself is a nice light grey. This is 2 coats.
 I carefully cut out each individual word I wanted to use! The instructions say to press down the paper onto your nail with a cotton ball. I used a makeup sponge. DO NOT USE A MAKEUP SPONGE :P This terribleness on my pinky is what happened. For the next nail (ring finger) I just pressed with my finger and had some paper residue. I am pretty sure my base color wasn't dry enough :(

 This is without top coat. I started with pinky and moved towards Index. Each nail turned out a bit better, giving me hope that this is a technique that would become easier to do with practice!

The last 2 pics have top coat. Not my best work. But I like the idea!! Have you done the paper transfer with success?

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Have a great Friday!! Sure am looking forward to the weekend over here :)


  1. Oh that is such a cute set!!! Love all the pretty words!!!

  2. this is so cute, I need one of these sets!!

  3. I really like that grey base. This set is nice, too; it's a good way to ensure that only pretty words end up on your nails. tee hee. ;)

  4. Cute! I think the set is pretty adorable. Also, LOVE the new header!

  5. I have heard that this is difficult to work with. It has given me an idea for when I do mine! I agree, the new header looks great! :)


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