31DC: Day 29 - Inspired by the supernatural (poltergeist nail art)

Just to set the record straight..I do not approve of this theme ;) I hate being scared, but this seemed like the perfect choice for today because this movie scared the daylights out of me. Yes, I saw it in the theater, with my older brother and 2 older male cousins. Not sure what the heck my parents were thinking or NOT thinking when they let me go too. Ugh. I was wayyy too young to see it. I had nightmares for ever! Anyway, I wanted to do the girls hands on the supernatural TV screen. And yes, I had this idea in my head before Sarah at Chalkboard Nails did her very ingenious tribal hands on the wall mani. I could either be really bummed she posted it first, OR I'm just going to be very proud that I thought of the same thing as one of THE most creative nail art blogs out there :)

 Pomegranate Cardigan, Misa Grey Matters, Rescue Beauty Lounge Moxie, Zoya Pippa
 I used Misa Grey Matters, 2 coats for the base. Then I cut out my little hand prints out of tape and placed them on my nails. I sponged on Pippa, Cardigan and then Moxie. Pulled off the tape hands and top coated. Are you scared yet?

And that's it. Glad to take these off :P
Have a great weekend I'm off to go food shopping, fun right?
xo, Victoria
Supernaturals from the other ladies in the challenge:


  1. that movie scared me too!! I can't look at clowns now either. Great mani! loved Sarah's. Great minds :)

  2. Love this mani....loved the movie too!

  3. This is the coolest manicure idea I have probably ever seen. And the colors are PERFECT.

  4. Awesome! And i´m so glad that I found your blog! You have made so many beautiful manicures! I really love to see every new post from you!

  5. Amazing! This was such a great idea! I love this movie and I think your mani is genius. :)

  6. I'm in awe at your precision in cutting the tape! Love this mani! Too pretty to be scary :p

  7. I know it's supposed to be scary, but it turned out beautiful! I love the Misa polish...such a great grey!

  8. These are outstanding! Beautiful work I could never cut perfect little hands out of tape!


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