31DC: Day 4 - Green (funky french tips nail art)

I've never been in a challenge that posts every day. Now I know why LOL. Honestly..it's still fun so let me get right to it. Here's my Green Day...

 Zoya Envy, Zoya Meg
 Two coats of Zoya Envy - a dark forest green creme.

 I used craft scissors to cut tape pieces to get my french tips. Then top coated, you can see on a few of my fingers the top coat dragged some of Meg's sparkle down the nail. Grr. Hate that. I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast, which is great for a regular fast dry, but when I do nail art...I should stick to Seche. It's the only one for me that NEVER messes up my design.

Love these two greens and happy with how this turned out!! My hubby thought I should have made the tips dark...what do you think?

OK, here's the list. I'm attempting to do one each day...but no promises.

 Hope you will enjoy this madness :P


  1. I love the green tips, its sooo funky and cool!

  2. Oooh! I love this one, would be a pretty St. Pat's mani

  3. this looks vaguely poisonous (in a good way) xx

  4. I like them the way they are. (Although I confess that I mistook the dark green for black until I read your post.)

  5. Holy cow - Envy is an awesome green!! I had to add that to my Zoya wishlist for my next order! Beautiful mani!!

  6. Super cute! I think this would even be fun for Halloween!!!

  7. Very creative kind of french tips! I actually mistook the dark green for SC Last Chance, which I own. Wonder how they compare.


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