Summer days and nights nail art - Lazy Days of Summer

What better day to post some Summer Challenge manis than Labor day? I've got two more after this and I aim to finish before Summer is officially over :P

I decided to show you my Summer Days and Summer Nights in the same post. So you are going to get a lot of pics today :)

 Wanted a simple sunrise gradient for this one, using Barry M: Lemon Ice Cream, Tangerine, Blue Moon and Blueberry Ice Cream.
 Started with 2 coats of Blue moon then added some Lemon for the sun :)
 Sponged the 4 colors over that and top coated. Viola. Sunrise!

 Sonnetarium Sundance and Ciate Power Dressing for my Summer Nights!
Sonnetarium Sundance
 Power Dressing is a gorgeous deep blue jelly. Application wasn't my favorite. Definitely needed 3 coats to cover all the streaks, but the end result is worth it, don't you think?

 I was going for a catching fireflies at dusk look here!! But after I did it, I realized it works great as stars in the night time sky as well. Which do you see? Sundance is SUPER beautiful and went on like a dream, this is 1 coat. No fishing for glitter either.

I'm pleased with how both of these turned out, they look like how I envisioned for sure.  Which one do you like better? :D

Here's a list of what's next!!

Check out all the other awesome ladies doing this challenge with me!! -- If I have forgotten to add you, please let me know and I will fix it!!

As always, thanks for reading!! See you next time :D 


  1. Sundance over Power Dressing looks amazing! Awesome !

  2. I love both of these! I definitely see the fireflies, and it's so fun. Power Dressing reminds me a lot of Cult Nails Time Traveler only more viviv. I also just saw you featured on the Zoya Blog, awesome!

  3. Both of these are stunning. The first is so beachy and the 2nd is perfect for starry nights. <3 You have such a gift for nail art.

  4. <3 these!! I see the sky and stars :-)

  5. The second combo is particularly gorgeous!

  6. Sun Dance over Power Dressing is PERFECTION <333

  7. Your gradient is so gorgeous!! I'm going to have to attempt this myself :)

  8. I'm a night person, so that starry sky really appeals to me but they both look fantastic, well done =D

  9. Hi there, This is my first time writing to you but I saw the first one and absolutely love it, but I can't figure out how you did it. You said it is sponged? Ok can you explain to me how you do it for me pleeeease? I am just getting into doing different things with my nails and I love looking at what you do then attempting it on my own, but this one got me. Thanks

    1. I'm at

    2. Hi Tina, Here's a post that shows how I sponge..hope it helps :)


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