Utopia's Polish Sweet Experiment and Universe of Energy swatch and review

Good morning! Let's start off the day with two from Utopia's Polish!! 

 Sweet Experiment, from her description, "This polish has a light pink base with purple, pink, white, blue and gold Hexagon glitter. There is also fine holographic silver and blue glitter."

 I love this one and think Virginia is one of the more creative Indie makers out there!! Her polishes are NEVER simple. This base however is more like a cream than a jelly and therefore covers up a bit too much of the gorgeous glitters..in my opinion. This shows two coats with HK girl fast dry on top.
 Universe of Energy, from her description, "This polish has a dark blue base with white, blue, brown and gold holo glitter. There is also fine holographic gold glitter."
 This one, can you see, is definitely in a jelly base. It's a beautiful deep blue and would be perfect if there were no curling glitters...yeah, the gold hexes are curling a bit :( It doesn't make it unwearable...but if it bothers you - take note. Also note, that these swatches are 2 coats and in this light with a macro setting...it looks like it needs 3 coats. In real life, 2 coats looks great :)

What do you think of these? Hope you are having a great weekend!!

*Disclosure- these were sent to me for my honest opinion and review


  1. I love these epecially Universe of Energy!!! Sweet experiment is gorgeous, too. I like the shade of pink.

  2. Sweet Experiment is awesome! I love milky polishes with glitter in them!!

  3. I love the blue! I bet it would look amazing with a blue base! :)

  4. I'm loving the blue! Except I hate curling glitters ): Such a pain...

  5. I love Sweet Experiment. Is this new? I don't remember seeing it before. Her polishes are to die for. I just received four of her Fall/Halloween Collection. Their formulation is superb. They are just gorgeous!!

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