31DC: Day 6 - Violet (Watercolor nail art with L'OREAL)

Hi there! A quick post for you today as I was up through the night with my little guy and his fever of 104+ Glad I did these nails before he got sick!

I've wanted to try this technique for a while and I KNEW which color to use for this day. VIOLET VIXEN from L'OREAL. I used After Hours also by L'OREAL for a bit of contrast. All you need to do is paint your base color (mine is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls) and top coat and let dry, then place a few small drops of polish color on your nails and use a nail art brush to pat on acetone and spread around your color!

This was my first time doing watercolor nails! I think it looks really cool, and can be used in multiple ways for nail art. Would you wear it?

OK, here's the list. I'm attempting to do one each day...but no promises.

 Hope you will enjoy this madness :P


  1. Sooooo pretty! I want to try this technique and the cling wrap one soon!

  2. Gorgeous! Looks like little rosebuds from afar <3

  3. That's an interesting technique! Hope your boy's OK now.

  4. Good choice of colours and beautiful effect! :-)

  5. I hate when the little ones are sick! I hope your little one gets better soon! I really love this! I will have to try this!

  6. This is pretty! It actually looks like the watercolors I did when I was a kid... I wasn't talented enough to do anything but dots haha

  7. This is so pretty- I've been meaning to try this technique.


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