31DC: Day 30 - Inspired by a tutorial (Explosion nail art by Nailside featuring Zoya)

Hi everyone!!
I'm excited about today's post. Inspired by a tutorial! I decided to go to Jane at Nailside. I've wanted to try her "expolsion" design since I first saw it. I found it way harder to get the perfect explosion shape than it seems!! So each of my nails looks a little different, but I also love it that way. This one is pic heavy because I just couldn't edit out any of these ;)

 Zoya Trixie, Raven, Daul
 I applied 2 coats of my favorite silver, Zoya Trixie and let dry. Then I used Jane's technique of cutting tape (I used blue painter's tape because I have trouble with regular tape sticking to the nail when I peel it off) and blocking in star shapes. This was way more difficult that I imagined it would be! I painted over it with Zoya Raven. When that was dry I repeated the process but let some of the black show. The last step was to apply Zoya Daul from the Fall 2012 Diva Collection. I LOVE this one over black and how it shows different colors at different angles. Super pretty addition to my collection. I have nothing else like it.

 Love the burst on my thumb and middle finger that looks like 2 halves of one burst!

OK!! That's it for today I'm off to work on tomorrow's FINAL post for this challenge :)
xo, Victoria
See what everyone else did for their "tutorial"


  1. Gorgeous! I think you did a fantastic job!

  2. I love this! When I first saw it, it reminded me of the makeup that KISS wears! Very fun!

  3. I've been so uninspired by everything I've seen today that I was considering just clearing my Greader and starting from scratch. Then I saw this and I think I can keep ploughing through the meh! to see if there's one or two manis as fabulous.

  4. What an amazing recreation... you nailed it!
    I've also been dying to try these explosions, but every time I decide to do it, something else comes up to my mind... lol
    Definitely gotta try this asap!

  5. Wow, I love this! I've got to add this to my "must try" list! :]

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