GlitterDaze Diva Collection (part 1) swatches and reviews

Yay weekend!! I have the newest collection from GlitterDaze to show you today. I have been a big fan of hers since her very first collection. This collection aren't polishes I would normally go for, I personally don't care for shards...and these are shard central. I do love how she color combines and makes these awesome. Here's her info:

She's currently having a giveaway for a full set of Part 1 of the Diva collection when she reaches 650 followers!
Pricing: 7ml bottles are $6 14ml bottles are $11. When people sign up on her site, they will receive reward points for each polish they purchase which can be redeemed for a free polish/discount on a future purchase. I love that
 Onto the polishes!! Descriptions are taken from her Etsy shop.
 GlitterDaze Halo and Cult Nails Iconic
 Cult Nails Iconic on it's own, gorgeous
Halo is comprised of gold and iridescent shredded glitter and ultrafine holographic gold glitter all in a clear base!
Cult Nails Let Me Fly
GlitterDaze Girls Run the World and Cult Nails Let Me Fly
Girls run the world is full of black, pink, white, and gold shredded glitter with red and fuchsia hexagonal accents all in a lightly tinted clear base.
Essie Good as Gold
Glitterdaze Crazy in Love and Essie Good as Gold
Crazy in Love is a fun and versatile glitter topcoat full of matte hot pink and black shredded glitter, black hearts, and small holographic glitter all in a slightly tinted clear base!

 This is the only one that gave me troubles during application. Those little black hearts...aaah I really had to work hard to get em!! But I LOVE them. This went from my least favorite of the bunch to my favorite.

GlitterDaze Naughty Girl and Misa Deep Breath
 "Naughty girl has black, silver, and pink shredded glitter with micro fine holographic glitter to top it off, all in a slightly tinted clear base." Love this one. Looking delicate..oh..except when one of those huge shreds comes out, like on my pinky. Adds a very interesting may have to top coat more than once. I used a thick coat of Seche Vite and there was still some of the shred sticking out and not laying flat.

GlitterDaze Dance for You and Misa Deep Breath
 "Dance for You is a black jelly polish filled with a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades of silver with black glitter accents to give it that extra ‘Oomph’!" The black jelly base in this one darkens my base grey here. This one has the least amount of shards in the bunch. Very elegant.

GlitterDaze Upgrade You and Misa Deep Breath
 "Upgrade you is a white jelly polish with a beautiful lavender shimmer, silver and gold ultrafine glitter, as well as silver, gold, and purple shreds." Love the shimmer in this one. So pretty!

 As I said, shreds aren't my thing. These however might turn me :P They are all good formula, complex and unique looking. My main issue is that sometimes you will come across a shred that is well, shredy, and won't lay flat. How do you feel about shreds? Which is your favorite?

xo, Victoria

*Disclosure - These were sent to me for my honest opinion and review


  1. They're not my favourite thing either but sometimes they just look amazing (like the gold leaf ones I've seen from other brands). These are all very unique, and the heart glitter =D!!!!! Awesome post <3

  2. You always have the best mani's!! Come to PA and do my nails!!

  3. Holy cow, these are gorgeous! I need to pick up at least a couple :]

  4. I really like Crazy in Love and Upgrade You. Btw She must really like Beyonce :-)

  5. I'm not a huge fan of shards either, but I love Dance For You! :)

  6. I'm just getting over the whole glitter topcoat thing, but your colour combinations are gorgeous! Love them!

  7. stunning. I had avoided shards for a long time, then someone sent me a polish to review which was shards and I am now in love xx

  8. Wow at first I didn't really like shredded glitters, but your manis really make them look amazing!

  9. I love all of these! And I love the color you chose as your base as well.


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