31DC: Day 8 - Metallic (Checkerboard nail art)

Good morninggggg! Check out my metallic design -- it's checkerboard :) I'm never disappointed when I use A England. I don't know how she does it, but I'm grateful to Adina for creating this line of polish that is PERFECT for nail art.

 I started with a base of A England Bridal Veil, just one coat!!! When it's completely dry, place striping tape, and paint in the boxes. You need time and a steady hand for this...and I was short on both this time..so it's not perfect, but you can only really see the small mess ups when it's in macro setting.
A England Holy Grail, Bridal Veil, Excalibur

 How amazing is this?? ONE coat :D

This goes in my "favorite nail art" pile. It looked really amazing on. What do you think? 
Here's the schedule..I'm happy I got through the first week..and yes, this list still feels intimidating :P

 Hope you will enjoy this madness :P


  1. absolutely beautifll
    your work is so clean i love it!

  2. These are amazing, love the mixed metals look!

  3. OMG! I love the design but it looks like a lot of work :D Wish i had your patience!
    Bridal Veil is just perfect!

  4. Oh mmm gee! I simply adore your work! My family has been obsessed with chess and checkers these past two days and wham! You show me another superb mani! Love it! Thank you!

  5. Perfect as usual Victoria!! :D Love them!

  6. you just have to go fancy, don't you! perfect, bloody perfect x

  7. this is so neat and looks lovely!

  8. Loving the colour combo!! I see perfection here. A+ ;-)

  9. I can see why this is one of your favorites, it looks amazing! What a neat job you did. :3


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