Aphrodite Glitter Bomb Collection swatches and reviews

Hi everyone!
Here's a few from Aphrodite's Friday Night Glitter Bombs Collection. They are all glitter top coats, different than what she usually makes.  The descriptions are right from her Etsy descriptions. Find her on Facebook and shop her Etsy store.

 blacklight: shimmery sheer white polish, with multiple different silver and white glitters
 miniskirt: sheer polish base, with green microglitter, a color changing shimmer that goes from green to aqua, and color changing glitter that goes from yellow to green to aqua
 peacock earrings: clear polish base, with a very fine holo shimmer, multiple different black and white glitters, with small holo glitters of 3 colors (purple holo, blue holo, and teal holo)
 gossip: sheer pinkish polish, with pink and light purple flakes, small purple microglitters, and a color changing shimmer that goes from aqua to purple to pink
 Shown here is Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream so you can see the "undies" I decided to put these over.
 From left to right in these photos: Gossip, Peacock Earrings, Blacklight and Miniskirt.
 All of these and a somewhat delicate and fun change to your base color. All show 1 coat and don't effect the color of your base at all. I have to note - the silver squares in Blacklight have slightly curling glitters.

 What do you think? Do you prefer glitter topcoats to full coverage glitter polishes? I like both :)

Thanks for reading and see you later!

*Disclosure - These were sent to me for my honest opinion and review.


  1. Peacock Earring is my fave, but they are all gorgeous!!

  2. I tend to prefer layering glitters. I really like Peacock Earrings.


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